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When your clinicians disclose the shocking news that you are harboring CANCER, this six letter word may be different for different peoples. Some may be shattered , get depressed ,demoralized and will think this is the end of the road. Some others may think why me? and what in previous life lead to this unbearable situation. Some may think that this is the curse of God. Some may think that they may get ostrasized from the family, friend’s circle or society. Very few may think this disease can’t destroy self ratherhe or she will overtake this disease. This site will give you the truth ,myths, the do’s and don’ts and how to fight this disease and become a true winner.

If you are already Diagnosed

If you happen to be a patient on treatment anywhere in the world and looking for a better option or a second opinion. Please furnish all the available details about you, the treatments taken , several investigations that you have under taken and post your queries and register. You will get online consultation

If you have exhausted all your options

When you have exhausted all resources and even the best centers wash their hands off and when everything finished. When there is no hope, which is the best in palliation for the current disease status? Post your queries hopefully you will have the best solution



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  • DR.Thomas Varughese is known to me for several years as an eminent surgeon of Great repute with a strong sense of committment to the service of the sick and the ailing.Outside his working hours in the hospital he devotes most of his time in awareness programmes against cancer free of course notably among the youth and vulnerable sections of the society. I wish all sucess in his endeavors for the betterment of humanity.